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The Fastest Meal of the Day

The Fastest Meal of the Day is a breakfast themed kart racer taking place after the events of Waffles (And Then Some). The vertical slice is only single player and contains one track plus 8 characters to choose from. The game supports XInput controllers, such as Xbox 360 controllers. This video features the music plus some concept art.

The Fastest Meal of the Day

Source Notes: The game has only been opened in Unity 5.2.3, but might still work in later versions. The project may take 30 minutes or more to open for the first time since there are a lot of big textures and the track mesh is set to generate lightmap UVs. The lightmaps might need to be baked again if everything looks dark, but you might also get errors when baking the lightmaps because of a bug in this version of Unity. I am not offering support with this project.

Model, texture, and audio assets may not be used in other projects. The code may be used to create your own kart racer, but you must give credit to Justin Couch (me).