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Stickman Catapult

I originally made this back in summer 2009, and decided to update it in the beginning of 2012. It's about launching stick figures as well as a couple of other objects off of a catapult and watching to see how far they travel, encountering various obstacles. You can see it here on Yoyo Games, and compare it to the original version here.

Source Notes: The source .gmk can be opened with GameMaker 7 or later (pro versions), on both the Windows and Mac platforms. Since most of the code was written back in 2009 when I was less experienced, there could very well be chunks of repetitive or redundant code scattered throughout. It's probably not as efficient as it could be either. There is not a playable Windows version because I could not get the game to manage the save file properly on Windows. If someone feels up to it, they could try porting it themselves.