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Vehicle Test v0.1.1

Note: This project is abandoned.

This is the test of a new vehicle "engine" I've been working on from within Unity. Leave feedback either through a comment on the youtube video above, the forum thread, or an e-mail to me. Please acknowledge the known issues below before leaving feedback. Some sounds are from If you created one of the sounds used in the game and want attribution on this page, just e-mail me. Otherwise I'm not going to bother as I've abandoned this project.


6/23/2013: AI cars and an LOD system added. Walls have been placed around the perimeter of the map to prevent cars from falling off.

6/14/2013: Proper HUD added, including a speedometer, boost meter, and minimap. A few more objects have been added to the area as well.

5/30/2013: Hover car upgraded.

5/17/2013: Cop car added with functioning sirens and lights, plus the ability to drop spike strips. You can now turn on your vehicle's headlights and dim the lighting in the area.

5/10/2013: 3-wheeled car upgraded.

4/25/2013: F1 car upgraded.

4/16/2013: Monster truck upgraded.

4/5/2013: Massive improvements on the visuals and sounds of the muscle car, plus the ability to pop your tires. Some vehicles have been disabled for the time being, as the visual and audio changes have created many null references from them.

3/16/2013: Camera movement has been smoothed a bit and the terrain area has been made more suitable for driving on.

3/10/2013: Minor fixes including not being able to hammer the boost in order to travel ridiculously fast, a slight increase in gravity on the vehicles, and sharper handling to reduce understeer.

3/8/2013: Muscle car added, plus a number of minor gameplay improvements and bug fixes.

2/15/2013: Initial release.

Known Issues
Issue Why does it happen? When will it be fixed?
Tire marks stretch weirdly on some slopes. Because some objects are non-uniformly scaled, when the tire marks are parented to them, they become stretched. In a more finalized environment, where objects will not be scaled like this.
Sometimes the vehicles' engines will sound "weird". Because each vehicle has multiple audio sources looping slightly different variations of the same engine sound. This is for subtle effects such as hearing a "sharper" version of the engine sound as the camera views the front of a vehicle, and having quieter high frequencies at idle. Sometimes the sounds will get slightly out of sync, creating undesirable artifacts. As soon as I get the pro version of Unity, where I can simply apply equalization effects to a single audio source and get the same results.
Vehicles accelerate quickly going uphill in the terrain area. Because the resolution of the terrain's heightmap is too low. In a more finalized environment, where I'll model the terrain and use mesh colliders or use higher resolution heightmaps for terrain.
The F1 car can get "wedged" in-between other objects. Because of the way the colliders are set up in the environment. When I make the final environment.
The AI cars can get stuck on things. Because of the way the AI is set up. In the final game where I design the environment and AI better.